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Tec knowledge and skills that I got by developing the multiple projects I was in over the years and from my working experiences.


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Working Process

Technical Journey

These are some of my journey's milestones since I joined college until now. These milestones refer to areas related with my deegre and software engineering in general.

Dec, 2022 - Present

Joined Uphold Engineering team

Working as a backend engineer at Uphold in the backoffice team.

Apr, 2022 - Present

revify - A tech product

Currently developing a product to empower the user experience of padel players and courts.

Feb, 2022 - Mar, 2022

Result's Platform of EMACI 22

Developed the front-end for the European Master Athletics Championships Indoor. An event that counted with 2000+ attendes from 40+ countries.

Apr, 2021 - Nov, 2021

Research Assistant at INESCTEC

Developing an implementation of the consensus protocol Disk Paxos using a high-performance toolkit for hard drive access.

Mar, 2021 - Apr, 2021

Meeting Braga Website

Designed and developed a website to support the annual event, Meeting Braga. The solution enables the organization to manage and create new editions of the events.

Oct, 2020 - Feb, 2021

Project Manager at PEI Course

Project Manager of Nite, a digital drinking card for pubs and nightclubs. Nite provides a system that empowers the experience of a customer when at one of these establishments by allowing digital payments and remote control of each card. The team had nine people from different backgrounds and forced me to build team spirit, solve internal issues, and coordinate multiple tasks.

Jul, 2019 - Sep, 2021

Summer Internship at AnyBrain

Any Brain develops machine learning software to detect video game fraud. Worked in 2 distinct tasks. The first one required an analysis of multiple machine learning algorithms implementation such as LighGBM, H2O, and Sci-Kit in a company dataset. The second was the development of a local cache using Redis to reduce the charge placed in both the system and the network.

Ago, 2022

Coordinated a team for 15 days in Chamusca's Camp

Managed and coordinated a team of 5 during the house intervention in Chamusca. Was responsible for the success of the program and had to face many challenges to ensure that everything was completed on time.

Jul, 2022

Integrated the direction team of Óbidos's Camp

With the "Livre" role, supported the house rehabilitation teams with anything needed.

2021 - 2022

Coordinated teams in Just a Change's Initiatives

Coordinated and managed multiple teams in both "Keep Up" and "All In" initiatives during 2021/2022.

Jul, 2021 - Ago, 2021

Camp In, Just a Change

Rehabilitated two houses during the summer for people who live in inhuman conditions and don't have the resources nor the energy to change their lives. By improving their living conditions, we hope that they find the will needed to change their situation.

Mar, 2021 - Jun, 2021

Volunteer at Bagos d'Ouro

Helped a twelve year's old kid improving his score at math by developing study methods, overcoming self-confidence, and helping him discover a way to solve problems.

Ago, 2020

Camp In, Just a Change

Just a Change is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates houses in rural and poor areas of Portugal. As part of their "Camp In" initiative, I spent 13 intensive days rehabilitating a house of an elderly man that lived in inhuman conditions.

Oct, 2019 - Jun, 2021

Joined UDREAM's Program

U.DREAM is an educational project which has the mission of educating students to be social leaders. This project focus on solving three main issues related to the difficulty of finding individual purpose, managing relations, and generate social impact in your community. The members work not only with self-development but are also involved in social experiences like accompaniments to families whose kids have serious health issues or nursing homes.

Working Process

Side Journey

These are some of the projects I have been involved in. They showed me a whole new world and played a huge role in the person I am today.

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